Twin’s holiday wish fulfilled

Masaya and Tomoya with their letters from Santa

Masaya and Tomoya with their letters from Santa

By Tomomi Kumagai, Fund Development Coordinator, Rotary International Japan Office, Tokyo, Japan, in English and Japanese

In early December, we received a message from a father of three. Two of his children are 10-year-old twin boys, Masaya and Tomoya. The father wrote:

“Our twin boys made a Christmas wish list this year. They are asking Santa Claus to make half of their presents be donations for polio eradication. I wonder if there is any Rotary program to work with Santa Claus; Santa Claus to send a letter to children who donated for polio eradication.”

“Although our boys’ contribution may be only a small part of the significant effort, I would like to help the wish come true and share the dream of a polio-free world. And perhaps “Santa Claus bringing polio vaccines to children” is not a bad idea after all. I am reaching out to you because Rotary is an organization that makes things happen.”

Soon after we received the father’s message, Masaya and Tomoya donated 5,000 JPY each to PolioPlus. We made an arrangement to mail a thank you letter from Santa Claus along with End Polio Now pins. It reached the family just in time for Christmas.

140203_santaletterDear Tomoya-kun and Masaya-kun,

The sound of good children has reached me all the way up here where I live.
My colleagues tell me the name of all good children.
Tomoya kun and Masaya-kun, you contributed to save children from Polio on Christmas.
People tend to think only adults can save children, but you taught us that children can help other children too. The children you save from Polio will glow vigorously. Your action will bring smiles on the faces of many people. This is what we call “peace”.
Christmas more than any other is a time for praying for peace.

Well, if you look carefully you may spot the tracks left by my sleigh in the sky and hear the tinkling of bells…

Wishing you a warm and peaceful Christmas.

Your faithful friend,
Santa Claus

On the Christmas morning, the boys were very excited to find Santa Claus’ letter under the tree. As it was written in English, the twin’s older brother helped to read it. They also found End Polio Now pins, which made them even more proud. The pins go with them everywhere now on their backpacks.

At such a young age, Masaya and Tomoya are thinking of other children in the world and wishing for their happiness. The father wanted to share the dream of a polio free world. While some people simply enjoy the Christmas festivities, we were inspired by the family and could not stop thinking about thousands of children at risk. Too many children are waiting for proper health care with little hope for a bright future.

The family showed us the value of “sharing happiness.” I hope many others will follow their example and save more children from polio.

投稿者:熊谷知美(国際ロータリー日本事務局 寄推進コーディネーター)


“我が家に双子(まさや&ともや)がいますが、その子供から、「年のクリスマスは、プレゼントの半分を『ポリオの募金にしてください』とサンタにお願してしい」とリクエストされました。寄をすると「サンタ」から、「ポリオ撲の寄をしましたよ」というカードが届くようなシステムがあるようなところがないものかと思いメールをしました。我が子のちっぽけな申し出ですが、多くの子供がポリオから救われるゆめを共有してやりたいと思うとともに、ひょっとするとクリスマスにサンタにポリオワクチンを同じこどもに送ってもらうというのはいいのではないかと思います。 ロータリーなら実現してくれそうな気がして、ご連絡しました。”

その後、まさや君とともや君から5,000円ずつポリオプラスに寄をいただきました。財団室ではサンタからのお礼のレターを準備して、End Polio Nowのピンバッチを同封し、クリスマスに間に合うように郵送しました。


クリスマス当日、子供たちはクリスマスツリーの前にサンタからの英語のレターを見つけ、大変喜ばれたとのことです。中学3年生になるお兄さんがその手紙を双子の弟のために訳してあげました。End Polio Nowのピンバッチも自慢のプレゼントになり、リュックにつけてしょっているとお父様からご報告いただきました。



Source: Rotary Voices

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