My Christmas wish list

131224_huffEditor’s note: The following was adapted by Meg Huff, a member of the Rotary Club of Bloomfield, New York, USA, from a poem appearing in the Dear Abby advice column.

If you were to ask me, with the holidays drawing near,
“What would you like for Christmas; what should I get for you this year?”
If I say that I want nothing, you might get me something anyway,
So here’s a list of what I’d like, please believe me when I say:

School supplies for children, food and medicine for the poor,
Clean water for a village, and I ask a little more….
Perform good deeds and let me know, or volunteer your time,
These things are worth a fortune, and they won’t cost you one dime.

I’ve got too many things already, C.D.’s, tools, and clocks,
My closet’s full of fashion “must haves,” sweaters, scarves, and socks.
Candy is so fattening, and grilling gadgets – I have twenty!
I don’t need cologne or gourmet coffee – and golf clubs – I have plenty.

I’ve got no place to hang more pictures; I’ve still got books I haven’t read,
So take what you would spend on me, and help the poor instead!
Dear friends, just send me cards and notes, and tell me what you’ve done,
I’ll open them at Christmas time, and read them one by one.

It won’t cost as much for postage, as a package sent would do,
And you won’t have the hassle of the paper, tags, and glue.
And I’ll thank God you listened to what I have to say,
As together we help those in need as we journey on our way.

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Source: Rotary Voices

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