The power of music

130623_powerofmusicBy Arnold R. Grahl, Rotary Editorial staff

Sitting in the Atlantico Pavilion for the opening plenary session of the Lisbon convention, I found myself powerfully moved by the music of Il Divo. The quartet — Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, Spanish baritone Carlos Marin, French pop artist Sebastien Izambard, and American tenor David Miller — served as the closing number for the session.

As they belted out their rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” and “Somewhere,” I was filled with emotion. I could see the passion they were putting into their music. And it made me think about being passionate about what I do.

Entertainment serves a valuable purpose at these conventions. But I had never looked at it before in this light. “It’s amazing the power of music,” one of the quartet said in setting up their version of  “My Way.” “The power of music can help people all over the world.”

And that’s exactly what Rotary does, help people all over the world. Soulful, passionate music stirs our hearts. It reminds us how we long to find our place in the world, discover what our purpose is, and pursue it to the fullest. Several days ago, Rotaractor Elsa Soto Garcia blogged about the need to find what makes us come alive. I think she is right. And I think that is what Rotary is about. Helping people be the best they can be through service and high ethical standards.

Yes Il Divo, music does have amazing power, and so does Rotary.

Source: Rotary Voices

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