Welcome to Lisbon

Tagus river, Lisbon, Portugal

Tagus river, Lisbon, Portugal

By Arnold R. Grahl, Rotary Editorial Staff

As I watch a vessel leave a wake across the Tagus river from my hotel room in the Amoreiras neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, the early morning sun is washing over the red tiled roofs and palm trees are swaying slightly in the light breeze. It is mild and partly cloudy, but the sun appears poised to make its presence fully felt. All in all, a peaceful morning, a calm before the storm, if you will, before thousands of Rotarians begin arriving in this charming European gem for Rotary’s annual convention 23-26 June.

I had a brief chance yesterday to walk through the pavilions of the Fiera International, one of two venues for this year’s convention, after touching down in Lisbon following two eventful days of weather-complicated travel. Rotary staff and volunteer sergeant-at-arms are hard at work preparing to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the visiting Rotarians, who will be arriving from every corner of the world. There’s a flurry of activity, an anticipation, and a genuine desire on the part of the setup crew to make this a great convention experience for all of you who are on your way.

I will be writing here on our blog throughout the convention, and we will have many guest contributors, as we strive to give you a full taste of this unique Rotary event. So, if you’re here or on your way, or weren’t able to join us this year but want a taste of what it’s like, check back frequently for updates from magnificent Lisbon, a Harbor of Peace.

Source: Rotary Voices

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