Seeing Peace Through Service

Brian Thompson, District 7070 governor-nominee, right, and his wife, Karen, with RI President Sakuji Tanaka in Vancouver during the Zone 24-32 Institute.

By Sakuji Tanaka, in English and Japanese

I was moved to see my theme for the year, Peace Through Service, in action once again in the Rotary world, especially at a Rotary Institute in Yeosu, Korea.

At the institute, I learned about some of the Korean Rotarians’ effective membership initiatives and how they reached out to Rotarians in Japan. This is significant because, historically, Koreans and Japanese have had difficult relations. Through Rotary, though, they showed that we’re all part of a non-political organization. They told me it is more important to have person-to-person relationships. Rotarians just want to do good in the world and change lives. I have seen this over and over during my worldwide travels.

From there, I traveled to Vancouver to attend the Zone 24 and 32 Rotary Institute. It was my first visit to Canada in 30 years! I felt the wonderful fellowship there as I talked with Rotarians and posed for photos with them. When I can, I post some of the photos on Flickr and Facebook. And if you have photos you’ve taken of me while I visited your area, please share them on my Flickr page as well. I would enjoy seeing the photos.

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Source: Rotary Voices

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