RI President: Rotarians promoting service and peace

President Tanaka and club presidents from Hong Kong visit a site in Mongolia. Photo by Peter Pang

By Sakuji Tanaka, in English and Japanese

Throughout my travels in September, I saw Rotarians promoting Peace Through Service and diligently helping others.

One event that comes to mind, which I attended in September, was the 11th Korea-Japan Goodwill Conference in Tokyo. It brought together more than 1,400 Rotarians from two countries that are experiencing conflict. I was proud to see Rotarians talking about promoting friendship between their countries. Many Rotarians feel that, despite what politicians say, Rotarians share common ideals of service, and this attitude can help transcend conflict. I was very happy to be a part of it.

I also was in Brazil in September, where I met enthusiastic and committed Rotarians at the Rotary Institute in Victoria. They even made me an honorary citizen of Victoria.

From Brazil, I traveled to Tianjin, China, and participated in the World Economic Forum. Leaders from all over the world attended, and I was particularly impressed with the speech by China’s premier, Wen Jiobao. He said that people need to be cognizant and cautious of their spending.

While in China, I visited Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the site of the historic demonstrations in 1989. The square is enormous, and from it I could see that a great deal of entrepreneurship is taking place.

Mongolia was the next country I visited, and I had the pleasure to meet the country’s prime minister, Noroviin Altankhuyag. He’s also the past president of the Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s first Rotary club. I also visited two interesting Rotary projects. One was an orphanage, and the other a school providing Japanese-style education. I enjoyed teaching the children how to send heartfelt applause. Students enjoyed my demonstration and we practiced together several times.

I continued my Asian travels to Hong Kong, where I met the financial secretary of Hong Kong. The economy there is excellent, and I could see several buildings being constructed.

It’s impressive to see how Rotarians everywhere are full of energy and helping others through service projects. I think that every person has a desire to be useful to others, and Rotary helps them do this.

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Source: Rotary Voices

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